lookin for a good LOW END pipe.. pictures are really nice PLEASE let me know what you are asking for it

I have a bunch of stock swinger parts that you would expect to have left over after putting performance stuff on all in good condition and a brand spanking new boss pipe repacked with alen bolt muffler fastenings

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

Do you have a pipe now that is giving you some shitty lowend? Tried clutch tuning at all. Best way to make good low end with an e50.

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

I've just got this boss pipe which won't kick in till like 4,000 rpms I've heard which for my gearing (17x38) is around 25mph

I'd like to get a low end pipe and jet for it then shave some weight off the stock clutch cuz it seems like a good order to do things

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

-Brian- The Ruffians STL /

Change your gearing.

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

if I changed my gearing my top speed would be over 9,000rpms and this is gonna be an every day rider

not to mention I want a low end pipe not you telling me what to do if I had a question as to how to make my low end better I would post it in the performance tuning section not buy/sell

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

Are you running a kit? The problem is that e50 lowend is shitty no matter what pipe you run without proper clutch tuning...

Also 9000 RPMS is nothing for a two stroke dude. You can blast at 9000 RPMS all day long as long as you are jetted right.

If you want a lowend pipe, like a proma circuit, by all means get one... But you should be fine with a boss and some proper clutch tuning...

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

I just noticed your 17x38 gearing. If this is an e50, you will never have good low end with that gearing. For real... I'm surprised it pulls at all under load.

We are just trying to help you out dude. No need to get annoyed or whatever happened up there.

I'm guessing e50 because your profile says you have a pinto and I've never seen a 2 speed pinto.

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

I ran 16X45 gearing on a 70cc kitted e50 with the same pipe that you have at full throttle all of the time for hours on end and ran it for 2 years before I traded the kit to someone else because I couldn't blow it up... Don't get hung up on RPM's dude. 2 stroke!

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

Probably Fred /

Chris Maybe you got lucky and your stock crank bushing did not fail but I saw a few that did fail at hi rpm. I toasted one my self running 17x45 gears in a few days. I run 17x36,17x38 and 17x40 on my e50s. With a tuned 2 shoe with thick springs and estoril pipe My bikes take off as fast as my wife's mini van and go 55+ mph

2 stroke has nothing to do with rpm 4 strokes rev also.

It's all in your tuning preference. If you take a stock 2hp e50 that rated at 2 hp@5,000 rpm and 2.06 ft pounds of torque @4500 rpm and spin it at 11,000+ with triple or quadruple the hp and torque a stock crank will fail so I have found

if you keep the revs down the crank will live even with hi hp & torque. It's the same

for kits they all have hp.torque and rpm specifications if you match them with the proper pipe and gears you will have good combo. If you port your kit, get a hi rpm

pipe and lower gears for hi rpm ect, you are changing the specs so you need to engineer and blueprint your combo. Not just bolt on and go. Rebuild with a needle bearing crank, new bearings, coat drill cooling holes in piston ect, Should be used for hi rpm combos. I don't have nothing against hi rpm screamers each to his own I got

a few hi rpm pipes and engines I could bolt on when ever I want to so don't get me wrong just for someone new to kits and hop ups to mopeds I say low rpm hi torque

is the way to go

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

proma circuit or modded estoril or custom pipe.

high comp head for the win

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

new freewheel would help out too

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

Chris.. indeed I have a metra 65... and a stock crank with extra oiling hole... so I'm keeping the RPMs low to ensure a long life for my kit...

I know I have to tune the clutch... BUT I need to tune it with the pipe I want

which yes Justin is indeed something along the lines of a proma circuit or any quality low end pipe and yes I already got a nice milled hi comp head

Sorry I sounded a little snippy but I didn't want this thread to become a debate I really just want a pipe... but thanks for the interesting discussion.. I guess?

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

Are you saying that an equal CC 4 stroke motor with the same gearing is as good at super high RPM's as a 2 stroke?

I am not sure what RPM I was at but 16x45 at high 40's was probably doing a lot of RPM's. I could ride full throttle for an hour at a time with no problems on a stock crank... I also always run Motul oil...

I can't imagine ever having snappy low end with 17x38 gearing... You can't always have the best of both worlds with a one speed piston port non variated 2 stroke.

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

sooo, back on topic... I have a beat up proma circuit I could sell you. I can grind down the welds (they're not the best) weld it all back together pretty well and add some reinforcements if you want too.


Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

Probably Fred /

Chris Boysen 2 stage reeds are soo low end and give me about 1 more hp then stock reeds but start to flap at 8,500 I run them on 2 bikes it's wonderful to have power from low idle to near 9,000 so a hi rpm pipe is no good for me.

Yes you are lucky your crank is ok and good oil helps but as soon as that bushing

would turn over and cover the oil hole the bushing would go. I got 3 za50s and 2 e50s with stock cranks and one I take over 10,000 rpm for short bursts but I changed the bushings last year. For hi rpm blasting I got one za50 and one e50 with needle bearing cranks. Needle bearing cranks are a must for sustained hi rpm

Any engine can rev but to nearly double the rpm of the stock rating your asking for problems

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

I agree that roller bearing is the way to go... I upgrade my cranks usually, but that was my first Puch Kit and it was an airsal. It only got new bearings and seals and a transfer match...

Re: WTB WTT: Puch LOW END Pipe

thanks for staying on topic Matt you've got an email

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