FS/WTT: tun


I no longer have any use for it. It's been taken out of the packaging, but is new and never been used.

Additional $5 bucks for shadow conspiracy grips as pictured on the left.

Grips are also new and have never been used.

$20 shipped/$25 shipped with grips.

Willing to trade throttle for Magnum Petcock (you pay for shipping)

*all metal cock is preferred :)

Other items that I've got are found below...


Re: FS/WTT: tun

Re: FS/WTT: tun

need any other parts?

Re: FS/WTT: tun

I can't think of anything at the moment...

Re: FS/WTT: tun

hmm that dual split thing wouldn't be really handle for...rotary valve power would it hmmm...

Re: FS/WTT: tun

i have no idea.

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