WTB: Rolling frame (LOOK HERE TBS)

This is mostly directed towards TBS since you guys are real close by...

Looking for a rolling frame, no engine, gas tank, or electronics are necessary. Also interested in a frame with a variator on it if you have one.

Anyone else with one of these willing to ship let me know also.

Will look at all models!


Re: WTB: Rolling frame (LOOK HERE TBS)

i've got some stuff....

not ness rolling, but i might be able to put something together. i've got a super sport and a batavus regency.

also brian has a regency and a bronco listed on craigslist right now. if you've got some fabbing skills you can put whatever engine you want on them.



Re: WTB: Rolling frame (LOOK HERE TBS)

Interested in the super sport or the regency.

Anything you can throw together would be fine too, i don't need any standard compatibility or necessarily matching parts. (As long as I can get the brakes working)

The regency on CL looks good too but I don't need an engine and don't wanna pay for any extra parts.

I can come down there whenever if you are around this weekend, otherwise i'll be there thursday night.


Re: WTB: Rolling frame (LOOK HERE TBS)

you gonna be around? I'd love to get a look at what im workin with (and what you want for it) soon.


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