WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

Hey, missed out on the last deal I was looking at, and not finding much on craigslist or kijiji right now.

Don't know how many Toronto people are on here, but I'd like to find a moped in or around the GTA. Not anything specific, but preferably running and with ownership.

..and preferably not a Cady from what I've heard now.

Hoping to keep it under $300 but will consider paying more for the right 'ped. Thanks!

Re: WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

Re: WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

Thanks, I have seen that ad actually but passed on it because it looks as though it'll take a fair bit of work to get the thing going, and I'd prefer something running and fairly reliable.

On second look though, it does seem like it's in pretty decent condition. I may call and ask if the owner knows what it'll take to get it going again. Still very open to other offers though.

Re: WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

man! are you kidding me?! you barely have to look for awesome deals in the GTA. Currently a minty puegeot 104 for 700 bucks, also i've seen a few maxi's for about 400 bucks in the last month on Kijiji there! you gotta go through the seperate small towns in the GTA on kijiji to find the goodies.


Re: WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

Yeah there are definitely some nice ones out there, I just want to keep the costs down as I'm only going to get so much use out of it. I think I'm actually going to go check out that one that was posted above though.

Re: WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

LanceCampeau.com /

I've been looking for mopeds on Kijiji for 2 years in 1000km radius from Montreal... within that radius, about 1 out of every 250 posts is for a "classic" ped... there is hardly anything out there... its all asian sccoter plastic for sale, save for some Vespas every now and then... sigh

Re: WTB: moped in Toronto, ON

If you want a nice, reliable bike, get the brown hobbit. it's been on there for like 6 months, you can probably talk the guy down to like $500.

Seriously though, most of the peds on there will need some work, unless you want to drop $900 for one of the random Tomos peds. There's no free ride, you either pay little and put a ton of your own time in, or you pay for someone else's time and get something that runs.

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