Wanted Mb5 and hobbit parts! Portland?

My MB5 looks to have been used as a farm/dirt bike and is now missing the taillight/fender, instrument cluster, headlight, and turn signals. Probably other shit too, I need to give it a good stare down.

One of my Hobbits looks to have suffered the same fate, and will need a rear fender/tail light and a 17" rim or front wheel. Maybe a seat too if its cheap enough. This bike did some somersaults.

If you're local I have Hobbit, Urban express, trac, geely, Elite, Solo, avaros, flandria, Columbia open road, and vespa parts for trade.

Re: Wanted Mb5 and hobbit parts! Portland?

Fish tits Krauthamer /

i can sell you mb5 turn signals

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