FS: Peugeot TSM

Most of it is here. Unfortunately it is missing the gas tank and the side covers. The engine spins free. It has a 2 coil ignition on it. the backing plate that the variator cover mounts to is broken. The brake stop on the swing arm sheered off and needs some material welded to it.

Also have a peugeot 103 frame with a garelli fork on it. The fork looks a little bent.

TSM - $300

103 Frame - $50

Fork - $25

Email me for more photos or to ask questions. Might consider parting out the TSM...it's already missing the tank...


Re: FS: Peugeot TSM


Re: FS: Peugeot TSM

interested in the frame, can you send me a pic, how is the tank?

Re: FS: Peugeot TSM

John, I emailed about the TSM. Hit me back when you can.


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