av7 parma gaskets

i got a used parma kit for my av7. i need the base gaskets and head gaskets that come with the kit cause i heard they take thicker gaskets. i also need a magneto paper gasket that goes under the mag or can i run without it?

Re: av7 parma gaskets

Make your own base and flywheel gasket..not sure what you are going to do for the head gasket..probly the same as an AV10..try "Treats":www.treatland.tv

Re: av7 parma gaskets

***Kim Jong illest*** /

for some reason, the new parmas come with av10 gaskets, dont know why, but cutting your own is a must

Re: av7 parma gaskets

what should i use for gasket material for the base? regular napa stuff seams a little thick no?

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