Wheels and fender

I have two mag type wheels from a Puch moped in great shape.Front and rear. Also a chrome front fender with fork from the same Puch.

May me an offer I can't refuse.

Please email me at jabrice@comcast.net or call me on my cell at 802-343-0202. Please don't ask me what I am asking for them. MAKE ME AN OFFER that I will jump at. Pretty simple.

Re: Wheels and fender

- Summerai - Christine L /

Flakes or stars? Pics please...

Re: Wheels and fender

you want us to make an offer on something you don't provide a picture of? lame.

Re: Wheels and fender

1 dollar is my bid, which should be an offer you cant refuse

Re: Wheels and fender

Yes you are right. I forgot to add pictures. But you could have been a little nicer about it. Did you really have to add the word LAME ? You could have just said. Could we PLEASE see pictures?

Pretty simple.

Re: Wheels and fender

Why are so many posters here so childish?

Re: Wheels and fender

Well here is why your post didnt go as planned.

You didnt post pictures

You say make me an offer but I wont tell you what I want for them that you'll jump at.

You acted like you were doing us a favor by posting this

You act like these wheels wont leave your hands unless someone makes a rediculous offer that will cause you to jump

You dont have a description of the wheels. Snowflakes, 5 stars, sebring mags...stock aftermarket...who knows what the hell you are selling, but apparently its worth something to you, but who knows what that is because you dont post a price. And after someone asks about the wheels you decide to bitch about people being childish instead of answering questions. And you still havent posted pictures....so needless to say you arent getting the response you wanted. Maybe these suggestions can help you sell your product.

Its like saying, "how much is this slap chop worth, make me an offer I cant refuse", but tons of people sell slap chops at 19.95 for 2 of them. I dont know if your slap chop is a real slap chop or just a knockoff because there are no pictures...and you probably want me to make an offer of 25 dollars for just one of them.

Re: Wheels and fender

Fair enough. But if you read my ad it did say the wheels are from a Puch Moped. So that does eliminate after market.

But isn't nicer to say or ask for pictures opposed to saying my ad was lame for not posting pictures?

Funny I have already had an offer from somebody that didn't take the way two of you did.

Its just annoying people just can't be nice to each other over something as simple as this.

I'm going out now to take pictures. Hopefully they will be on here soon or I will make a note to write me for pictures.

Re: Wheels and fender

Here is one picture. Not sure how to do them all at once. I have never posted pictures. I have a few more. This is of the front wheel . The tire is in excellent condition and still has air in it.


Re: Wheels and fender

Here is a picture of the front fender. The wheels and the fender have been sitting in my shed for a few years.

The bracket broke off on side when I went to straighten it.

They are very dirty. Just need cleaning. No dings or scratches or chips.

I thought I would offer them the the Army first before posting them on Ebay this weekend.


Re: Wheels and fender

The second response asked for pictures, and once again you havent answered if they are snowflakes or 5 stars. I'm sure someone will make offers on the stuff, thinking they are 5 stars, or hoping they are at least. You're just asking for lowball offers when you dont post a picture or a price.

People are rude about it because you either dont know what you have or you think your shit is worth gold. Both of which dont make me want to buy whatever it is you have.

Re: Wheels and fender

Heres the other wheel.

Email me at my home email address if you are interested.I don't come to this site that often.

As I said I will be putting them on Ebay this coming weekend unless somebody is interested.


Re: Wheels and fender

see the pictures.

Re: Wheels and fender

Both are missing their brake arms and the tire is shot on the rear wheel. This is exactly why pictures are essential. You didnt include any of that information in your other posts. I'd be pissed if I paid for complete snowflakes and they showed up missing the brake lever arms.

Re: Wheels and fender

I wouldn't expect anybody to buy something without seeing it. I thought I added in one of my last notes the tire was bad on the rear wheel. The front tire is excellent. Plus the tire would be just a bonus. Its the wheels I'm selling. I Most ped owners would have the brake parts.

But you are right I should have posted the pictures first.

Re: Wheels and fender

Ok everybody.We got off on the wrong foot. Looks like I blew it with my ad. I should have posted pictures with it. My bad.

I have now posted the front and back wheels along with the front fender.

This is the first time I have posted an ad selling anything here.I did not mean to deceive anybody. I am an honest guy.

I do have a few more pictures and I can take more if you want them.

There may be a few missing pieces from the wheel such as the brake assembly. I am selling the wheels and the front fender. I am NOT saying the wheels are complete. Most of you that post here probably have the piece or pieces needed or can get them from somebody you know.

Yes the rear on one of the wheels is shot. The front tire is in excellent shape and thats a bonus addition. NO EXTRA charge. Its included. Its the wheels I'm selling NOT the tires.

If you are interested please include your address and zip code so I can find out the shipping charges.I will charge you the exact shipping charges I pay but I am going to include a 5.00 charge per wheel and fender to pack them. I will have to make up boxes and that will take time. I hope you find that reasonable.

Again if you want to contact me in person you can call my cell 802-343-0202 or email me back at jabrice@comcast.net.

Re: Wheels and fender

For those interested. They are SNOWFLAKES

Re: Wheels and fender

Just came back from UPS. Shipping charges for these SNOWFLAKES from Vermont to Colo. is aprrox. 19.00 each wheel. I didn't have them in boxes so they gave me a price within 1.00 if they were boxed.

I am charging 5.00 each wheel to package them.

I will sell them to the first person that sends me 140.00 total .

That does NOT include the price of the fender.

Call me if you want them . 802-343-0202

Re: Wheels and fender

What are these aftermarket wheels you speak of?

Re: Wheels and fender

These are NOT after market. They came off a 1979 or 1980 Puch

Re: Wheels and fender

i'm sorry if you felt that my response was "childish"...but as orange noted, your tone and attitude in your first post was less than appealing. add that tone and attitude to providing no pictures of something you are trying to sell without a stated price...and you get what I describe as a lame "for sale" posting.

you clearly didn't "forget" to add a picture to your first post since you later posted that you were going out to take the desired pictures.

so yeah...lets just say that you did, indeed, start out on the wrong foot...and a couple folks, me included, called you out on it...not because we are childish, but because we call it like we see it. don't take it personally...i didn't call you lame...i just called your post lame. good luck with the sale.

Re: Wheels and fender

I wasn't trying to come off with some sort of attitude. That's not me. I'm usually very easy going.Its all good.

How about 80.00 for both wheels( SNOWFLAKES ) plus shipping with one very good tire. Sorry the other tire is shot. I will charge the actual shipping charges and put a copy of the receipt in the box. Shipping won't be cheap. I checked with UPS and its approx. 19.00 per wheel. Couldn't get the exact charge because I brought just the wheel without a box.

I will also take offers on the fender. I have rear shocks and the large long side cover from the same Puch. I don't have the screw ins.

If they don't sell by Friday night I am going to list them on Ebay

Sorry for the misunderstanding in my first post.

802-343-0202 or jabrice@comcast.net

Re: Wheels and fender

Sold both wheels and the fender.

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