Urban express NU50 Carbs

Hey I have two nu50 carburetors for sale. One of them is a complete carburetor that runs ( I had it on r express ) and the other came on the bike that ran once when I sprayed starter fluid in, but it is missing the jet screw (I think screw assembly B if you look at the parts manuel). The reason I have these two is because one came on the bike and I couldn't find a jet screw and the other I bought off ebay. Both of them leaked gas (through the overflow vent) when the fuel was turned on, but I found out that I have an aftermarket petcock on that doesn't have vacuum, apparently that is causing the problem. The full carb still leaked gas through the overflow with the bike running, but the bike ran pretty well with it on. I'm assuming it is for the same reason. I apologize I don't know a reasonable price for either of these, so I'm asking for offers.

I can get pictures of anyone is interested



Re: Urban express NU50 Carbs

Let's see 'em!

Re: Urban express NU50 Carbs

pics or it didnt happen

Re: Urban express NU50 Carbs

Sorry Soul Remedy! I didn't have alerts turned on. I can throw pics up tonight.

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