batavus spare parts lot

batavus parts lot (w/spare parts catalogue)

Laura m-48:

clutch component, locking plate (2)

new old stock drive belt (2)

starter spring arm (2)

clutch pressure spring (7)

newfren clutch plate

cylinder stud (3)

clutch end plate [orig. pkg.] (2)

threaded bar support plate for clutch arm (4)

motion left mopeds custom intake [allows for 15mm dell'orto]

Laura m-56:

starter plate

Batavus HS 50/VA:

brake shoes (2)

brake plate

rear brake cable

various paper gaskets (30) approx.

carb idle screws (3)

dust ring [front wheel assembly] (7)

rear wheel assembly cup (2)

rubber lined washers w/spring [gas/oil seal ??] (21)

13 tooth sprocket

springs [pt. no. 48-174-07] (5)

dust ring [rear wheel assembly]

3/16" cable stop set

intake silencer [unopened orig. factory pkg.] (2)

head lamp interior fitting (3)

wrap around fastener assembly (4)

rubber carb seal (3)

magura brake lever (4)

3'8"/ 87 link pedal chain

head lamp interior assembly (5)

needle bearing (10)

washer [pt. no. 48-150-05]

washer [pt. no. 48-0887]

headlight assembly speedo/tach cover (5)

front fork dust bellows (3)

exhaust silencer [inner & rear]

magura clutch/start lever (6)

crank assembly dust protectors (2)

chain tensioner assembly

rear spindle assembly (2)

brake shoe spring (4)

headlight control w/cable (3)

air filters (5)

under carriage splash guards (2)

20 tooth rear free-wheel (2)

front fork nut, spacer & lock ring (3 sets)

gudgeon pin (4)

clips---^ (50 approx.)

front wheel spindle cones

front head lamp external housing

pedal w/crank (2)

gas cap (unused)

pedal chain master links (16) [approx. 10 still in sealed packaging]

rubber engine cover strap (15)

pedal cranks (2)

pedal crank bushing (2)

brake shoes

rear wheel chain tensioner (3)

i have pictures of everything if you are interested email me and i'll send em.

looking to sell everything together for $150. the new old stock clutch parts and brake components will retail for more than that alone. everything is in individual bags labeled with corresponding catalogue part no. many parts are in original laura motors packaging/never opened.

will ship. whiskey business delivery option. buy with bronco and regency in that other post for $550 total.

Re: batavus spare parts lot

how much for the motion left custom intake for a 15mm dell'orto for m48 seperate?

Re: batavus spare parts lot

Interested in the exhaust components for the HS50.

Re: batavus spare parts lot

Tony montana /

m48 custom intake for me please, shipped to 43014?

Re: batavus spare parts lot


Do you still have the chain tensioner available? If so, how much do you want for it?



Re: batavus spare parts lot

starter spring arm (2)

Is this what you have see attch. ?

I need it for a 77 batavus moped


Re: batavus spare parts lot

Ya still have batavus parts ?

I need A starter arm

Re: batavus spare parts lot

I'm looking for a pedal chain tension wheel for an 1981 Batavus. I have tried Moped Junkyard and haven't had any luck.

I have attached a picture of the part.

If you know where I can get BATAVUS parts please contact me.

Little Colonel

Pedal Chain Tensioner.jpg

Re: batavus spare parts lot

i need a pedal shaft. the part that goes through the frame for a starflite m48 let me know. will also e-mail

Re: batavus spare parts lot

Kendall Warnock /

Hey bro, let me know if you still have all of this. Email me at I may take it all.


Re: batavus spare parts lot

Looking for pin that goes to the carbortator and a carbortator

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