WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

well.... if nooooooooooone has an athena 70 for my sachs 505/1D on a budget price, maybe I will do some ridiculous gearing....

I have 11t/40t on a 505 and vanilla sachs/general 5star wire rims right now....

buying or trading....

looking for some extreme sprockets for sachs....

like 9t front for the 505 drive shaft and 50t rear sprocket for sachs on general 5 star plain old wire rims. (yes i know, i could jog faster than that in flip-flops, and they probably dont even exist, but if i cant find a kit, i still neeeeeds the lowend torque for the neighborhood hills)

maybe a 10t front and a 48t rear... anyone?

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

email sent

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

ok... looks like ive got rear sprockets sorted out after all... still interested in a couple fronts... still need a 9t and a 12t front drive sprocket off of any sachs 505 or 504

check out your dead bottom end cases and blown clutch boat anchors.... got any 9 teeth or 12 teeh sprockets on'm...gimme a shout!

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

nerdzilla No mo Peds no mo /

hey try minarelli ones. handybikes.

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

does anyone know for sure if a 'relli front 9t is a simple swap out for the sachs 9t?

still looking for 505's or 504's with 9t or 12t on the drive sprocket... would like to pick up just the sprockets but i might be game for buying whole engines also.

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

good gawd, jump back, bump myself.... if youve got old sachs cases layin around, count those teeth and make a couple $ off the 9t and 12t drive sprockets.

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

none came with 12, and the 9's are super rare, and usually just from Canada.

Re: WTB/WTT sachs sprockets

yeah, everyone has 11's... i know you had posted for a wtb 9t years ago, did you ever track any down back then either? ive hit all the international ebay, etc. I want a niner up front against my rear 46 for torque on hills, but not quite bad enough to have one machined for it. ditto running the 12 up front for speed against my 40 rear, i dont even mind grinding out the case a wee bit for an aftermarket 12t but again, id rather find both of these from other members stash's than to pay tooling costs at a shop.

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