FS ninja g2 peugeot

selling my ninjs g2 pipe for 100$ ball joint and swing mount included

Re: FS ninja g2 peugeot

derbeez ryderz /

How is this pipe compared to the Doppler? I know it's for hi revs but does it hit as hard? I'm interested

Re: FS ninja g2 peugeot

it does hit really hard like the doppler but i havnt ran them side bye side on the same setup. so i dont know how the compare

Re: FS ninja g2 peugeot

I've run the g2, g3, and doppler on the moby's.. and I still run the g2 on my parma. but for real serious 70cc kit setups, doppler cannot be beat

Re: FS ninja g2 peugeot

iv only fun the g2 on 50cc setups

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