WTT: 16.16 carb for 15 bing

I had a circlip come loose and ruin my 65cc metra, so its polini time. I wanna run the bing on it and dont have the scratch for a new one.

Also intrested buying one maybe if i can pull it.

I have a metra 65 cylinder that needs one of the exhaust studs helicoiled but other then that its fine. No piston though. I'd trade it for a bing...

Re: WTT: 16.16 carb for 15 bing

Before you spend more money on moped parts how about shipping the wheel I already paid for? You said you would ship it on the 15th and never did. You finally answered my email on the 24th and said it would ship within a week. Here we are a week later and still no wheel. Sorry to post but I thought I would have a better chance of a response here than with email.

Re: WTT: 16.16 carb for 15 bing

lol, I said asap... That would be friday when I get paid...

you have a bing?

Re: WTT: 16.16 carb for 15 bing

I know I sure don't have a bing. U were supposed to ship me a 12mm bing about 2 Months ago after I sent you cash + a 16t puch front sprocket. You told me u would send it several times but alas, still no carb from Mr. Maynard....

Re: WTT: 16.16 carb for 15 bing

jeas. glad i didn't offer up a trade.

Re: WTT: 16.16 carb for 15 bing

you got it...

check it. I'm an asshole. I try to do bad things to good people.

and when I do get you your stuff this friday, as stated, it will only be because you outed me.


I'm glad that I now know how this guy acts. Not funny.

What's worse is it shows how much he plain doesn't care how much he rips people off here, just keep doing it. People like that must really like waking up each morning! hahahaa wow, what a loser.

One more on the list of "Do NOT deal with for any reason."

Re: pathetic

We live in NC you want us to go down and take care of this? We will. Nothing worse than a dumb shit that takes your cash with no parts in return.

Re: pathetic

PS dont show up to any WLR rallys if you are in the business of screwing people out of their money. PPS let me get that swinger

Re: pathetic

was this ever resolved or neh?

Re: pathetic

I never got the wheel I paid for. He won't answer any of my email.

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