Magnum Trunk, Side Panel and 12mm Bing

Here's a trunk and a Side Panel from a Silver Magnum.

Panels should be painted in my opinion. They're ugly, but there's a trunk door and they'll function perfectly.

12mm bing looks good, i never ran it. you know what a bing looks like.

Here's the deal. I wanna TRADE all this stuff as a lot.

Trunk and Panel at least, would love if you took the Trunk, Panel and Bing.

Things I would want to trade for:

E50 bottom end

2HP Maxi Top End - No Seizes, with piston, rings and cylinder. (Flat exhaust only please.)

14mm Bing - no intake needed

Combos of stuff would be great. I might be able to scrounge up some other stuff as well.

Need everything shipped to 91423

If you got other stuff let me know!

Puch only puh-lease.

Re: Magnum Trunk, Side Panel and 12mm Bing

dont have parts to trade, but if you do decide to sell, i'll take the panels and trunk.

Re: Magnum Trunk, Side Panel and 12mm Bing

offers for shipped in the us?

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