First moped

I'm looking to purchase my first moped, and I've been watching craigslist. My budget is in the 1000ish range.

Found this listed today.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Re: First moped

Honda Hobbit, running = $200 - 400

Proma Circuit pipe = $115

70cc DR kit = $110

saddle bags = $50 - 100

pointy mirrors = may harm you

I wouldn't pay $800 for it but they're great bikes.

Re: First moped

Browsing around I found a couple more in my area.

It's also worth mentioning that I have little mechanical experience. Would buying a new moped be a better option for me?

Re: First moped

Yes. Buy a new or newer Tomos.

Re: First moped

Thank you for you input!

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