WTB 19' wheels!

anyone have nice nice 19" wheels? like old puch ones

Re: WTB 19' wheels!

***Kim Jong illest*** /

if these are going on a MOPED, i strongly suggest getting 18's instead.

19 tires are a bitch to find, and when you do, they are 40yo NOS. i bought some from heeters and they were FLAT! like as in they were SO OLD, and sat under stuff for SO LONG, they were basically rubber washers.

even now, they still havent REALLY found their shape, so i get a bit of a wobble.

no bueno mang

Re: WTB 19' wheels!

I gotta find them, they are for a 58 magneet resto project

Re: WTB 19' wheels!

BUMP!!!! PLEASE someone has these from an old alstate or something

Re: WTB 19' wheels!

No Dice man, Loods41.nl is your only hook up. I need a set for my '63 Stadion.

Re: WTB 19' wheels!

damn...did you dish 130euros for each wheel or get just the rims for 32euros? also what did it cost you to ship it here?

Re: WTB 19' wheels!

He elliot, if you want i can put an ad on the (allstate) puch forum, and see if someone wants to ship you some 2 hand Allstate ones.. Or do you want to have them brand new? Just the rims or the whole deal? Would be a whole lot cheaper presumably then buying from a shop like loods 41...not sure if the hubs would fit on the magneet though..

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