1980 Peugeot 102SP For SALE - SF

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I'm moving, so I'm selling my 1980 Peugeot 102SP. It's in good running condition, has a NEW CARBURETOR, and while it doesn't do super well on the hills, it works pretty great on the flats.

It's 30 years old, and it hasn't gotten a lot of love, so it's pretty beat up, but it RUNS! One of the pedals doesn't quite fit in it's thread, so it's a bit loose, but it works well enough to get the bike started.

I need to sell it by Thursday, first come with money will be the first to ride away with it.

Serious Buyers ONLY please.

Contact James - (415) 935-1563 or jamestinsley@gmail.com

Please be prepared to pay in cash or cashiers check. No delivery available.

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