FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

So I just rode this bike 130mi from illadelphia to bodymore not a single problem and on my second day down here a circlip comes loose and destroys my piston and scratches my cylinder a bit...

just bought a swinger and I guess I should move my attention to that and sell this guy since I don't wanna spend more money on this

It has everything from the factory in great condition except the aforementioned piston cylinder issue and kill switch cover. it has a bored out 14-14 sha with new insides and an intake to match.. it also has new engine gaskets and a bunch of other nic nacs I replaced...

I will also include a flywheel puller (magneto is in like new condition new contacts and clean adjusted points) and a new condensor and two new 6v bulbs for head and tail lights..

asking 250 for all or offers for parts I guess... pictures are soon to come also my profile has an old pic of before I fixed it up

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

How does that seat mount on? If it mounts on a post (I need a new seat for my Gran' Sport) then I'd be interested in it.

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

Perfekt Timing Angel /

If you're stuck in B-more, get a hold of Sean, Chris, or Mick!! I don't know if they can help you with a cylinder, but they are probably willing to show you a more Baltarded side of Baltimore. They might even feed you a hoppy beverage, and force you to listen to plastic discs in an odd -antique collector's heaven.

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

If you ended up parting it i'd be interested in the rear fender.

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

also a new old head and if someone wants for like 70 plus shipping i'll bend a boss I was going to use on this ped to fit NOI's and send it to you... it is completely unused and will also have a removable cap so you can repack the baffle and not have to pay someone to braze nuts on

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

Would those front forks work on a 78 garelli gran sport? If so I'd like to know how much shipped to 92627. :)

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

I would say definitely gonna need more offers before I dismember my child

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

no offense but 250 for a ped with a trashed top end is alittle steep in these parts, if you can get it up here or well just get up here (york) i should have enough to get it running again, and a delicious burrito. i'd bring a top end down to bmore but it's too fukkin nice out to be in a car.

Re: FS 78 Garelli Philly B'more or Parts

i know I paid more than that for it though and I've put so much work and monay into it though I guess I really just don't wanna sell it.. I'm bringin it back up to Illadelphia ... one day when I get my swinger running I'll come out n play or if you want some brotherly love come to town :-)

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