wtb:moby50v sha intake

i have an Av7 on my 1978 50v and the stock gurtner crap carb is apart in a box.i have a 14.12 sha left over from a V1 build that i want to swap in. so i need the sha intake for an av7. i figured id check here first before i ordered one. i have a cimatti city bike parts bike so if you need anything off it that im not gonna use maybe we can work something out or i have cash .thanks

Re: wtb:moby50v sha intake

i have a malossi sha intake for a av7, fits 14.12, 15.15, and 16.16 dellortos! 10 dollars shipped!

Re: wtb:moby50v sha intake

awesome! do you accept pay pal and if so whats the address?

thanks adam

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