WTB Pinto fork lowers

All I really need are the lower fork arms, the chrome section at the bottom as long as they have the tabs on the front for mounting the pinto fenders, but I will buy the whole forks if you don't wanna separate.

Re: WTB Pinto fork lowers


Re: WTB Pinto fork lowers

I got a set of pinto forks, email me,


Re: WTB Pinto fork lowers

xxXxXX XxxxxxXX /

If you'd like the slightly longer set from the Magnum or Freespirit, email me at hoov23 [at] yahoo (dot) com. They have the tabs for the Pinto fender/brace and mount right up to the stock fork uppers, see pic below from when they were on my Swinger 2.

"more pics":http://www.flickr.com/photos/hoov23/sets/72157623523953799/

Re: WTB Pinto fork lowers


Re: WTB Pinto fork lowers

hey robby I emailed but no reply, maybe I don't have the right email but if you still wanna make a deal let me know. mattglover2989 at gmail

Re: WTB Pinto fork lowers

never got email response so i'm still looking. bump.

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