WHAT'S IT WORTH? 1985 General with Sachs

Just wondering what a 1985 5 Star General ST with a Sachs motor is worth. I know of one close by that is in mint condition with only 150 miles on it. Thanks for any input in advance.

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Re: WHAT'S IT WORTH? 1985 General with Sachs

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Re: WHAT'S IT WORTH? 1985 General with Sachs

If it runs and it's in the condition you say it is, I wouldn't be afraid to offer $300-400 for it. Lot of people in here don't like the Sachs 505 1A engine but I resurrected that very same bike this winter that had been neglected and beat for years. It is a sweet running little bike and I'd love to have the one your looking at available to me in PA so I could save mine for a parts bike. I don't know what your plans are for it, but good luck and enjoy.

Re: WHAT'S IT WORTH? 1985 General with Sachs

that bike looks to be nice shape, a very clean step through model with low miles is a good find... but ask him what engine model # is on the badge that is stamped on top of the right hand side of the engine underneath the red and gray side cover/footrest ... it will say 505/1A or 505/1B or 505/1D etc.... on the badge just above the chrome flywheel cover on the right side of the engine

if its a 1D, its the high horsepower version and it might be worth close to his asking price depending on what your state does with requiring titles and if he has one...

if you need a title and he doesnt have one, thats a deduction or if it is not the 1D but rather is a 1A 1B 1C those are still a reliable engine just not the high-horsepower version and should count as a deduction... it has wire rims not mags so thats a lil bit of a deduction to most people.

200 is a fantastic score, 300 is a pretty good/normal deal... 400 is not crazy if its a nice bike... 500 is a little bit steep to most people , but if its a 1D and has title and it looks and runs as nice in person as it looks in pictures, then you may decide its worth it.... you can always offer politely what you had hoped to spend first and then decide if you want to say yes to his counter offer or asking price if he doesnt agree.

Re: WHAT'S IT WORTH? 1985 General with Sachs

wow sorry was i supposed to place this into the off topic section? i am also a member on other forums and people post things into wrong sections quite often...it happens : /

Deckard, i will have to see what engine it has thanks for the tip

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