THE REAL M56 batavus belt

THE REAL M56 batavus belt

the pic is small but yeah the web site is and its retarded cheap! aha finally the real deal!!!!!!!!!!


Re: THE REAL M56 batavus belt

did that work out for you? I've been searching and found a few 390mm diameter 5mm pitch 78 tooth belts around 5 to 20 bucks each

I've already got the one treats used to sell and the one junkyward sells, both work their way off the gears far too easily and run against the retaining piece until they're shredded away. I'd assumed maybe it was too short


wondering if this belt actually works or if you just found a 78 tooth belt...

Re: THE REAL M56 batavus belt

I bought one from someone on here that was too small and it was sooo hard to put on. and then it shredded up immediately. Then I got the correct one and it was quite easy.

Let that be a lesson to all you trac/bat owners out there, get the right belt.

Re: THE REAL M56 batavus belt

john digiando /

where did you get the right one. Ive tried about 3 moped junkyard nicks . they seem to have burrs on outside and end up getting shredded up.

Re: THE REAL M56 batavus belt


Is this really the correct belt for the M56 Batavus Regency?

Did you personally use one?

Seems to good to be true!

Thank You!


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