Fixing up 78 Garelli VIP

Terbo Speghetti /

hello all! I'm new here so if i break any rules, please let me know.

here's the deal: I need either a new back wheel for my 78 Garelli, or someone/someplace that can true a wheel that i had to re-spoke myself (VERY poorly). brakes are also an issue on both my front and back wheel.

I'm also in the market for a new chain and new exhaust pipe.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out!

Re: Fixing up 78 Garelli VIP

VIP Back wheels are rare for starters, so getting the one you have fixed is a good option. (I've never trued a wheel before, but plenty of other people could).

You can also modify another wheel to fit, look in the direction of other Garelli bikes and Tomos wheels. Most of them will have a smaller axle and are more narrow, so you will need spacers. They won't go right on, but you can get them to with the right thinking.

Treats or quarterkick would have a chain, performance pipes are usually itty bitty speed pipes, not great. In the hack and weld custom department you are indeed in good shape because your header can be positioned almost anywhere under the bike, left or right because of the screw-on attachment.

Have fun!

Re: Fixing up 78 Garelli VIP

Terbo Speghetti /

thanks for the ideas. an itty bitty speed pipe would be fine, really. i just lost/destroyed my original pipe so i'm lookin for anything at all that isn't a straight pipe, and unfortunately i don't really have access to welding facilities. i'm gonna try to find a shop to true the wheel, i'm not too confident in my own abilities.

Re: Fixing up 78 Garelli VIP

I could ship you a stock pipe for the cost of shipping (without header, I just need to know if you need the black pipe or the fancy chrome pipe) - I could also put something together if you'd like to pick out a pipe - I've always wanted to try an estoril on a stock or kitted VIP:

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