FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

Had a chance to swap out jugs for some extra porting so I am just hooking someone up with my low mile 70cc KStar Hobbit cylinder kit (pics) for less than retail.

Unmolested, clean, works perfectly, low miles and fantastic shape in/out. I was running a stock 12mm Keihin carb, stock Keihin 78 jet and stock Honda stainless dual reeds with a Jamarcol pipe and got a very noticeable difference with improved low-end off the line, better hill climbing and higher top speeds with this low miles 70cc KStar!

KStar Stocko Shocko 70cc with piston/rings and wrist pin.

Has maybe 100 miles on it, $70 shipped or make offers/trades

I also have the stock PA50II 50cc with piston/rings and wrist pin, and stock PA50ii pipe, if anyone is looking to replace or hop up their Hobbit PA50 or do some porting to get more umph without kitting. $50 shipped or make offers/trades

Oh yeah, i guess I also have a stock Hobbit PA50 50cc cylinder and piston/rings and stock PA50 pipe in here too if you were just cleaning up a low budget basic runner or replacing a seized stock topend. $30 shipped or make offers/trades

I may wanna sell/buy/trade for a clean used Proma Circuit for the Hobbit and I might also be looking for a Sachs kit/carb soon too (i just picked up a cherry 505-1D General 5Star this morning! -last picture).... so interesting trades on anything/everything aren't out of the question either.

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

Tony montana /

monti, i want the paII top end, i dont mind notching the skirt for my paI case. I need the reeds, intake and carb too....email me! I want!!

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

(emailed dibs/Tony on the PA50II cylinder) ...plus a list of everything else Hobbit-flavored in my stash.

anyone else? Hop-up your Hobbit habit and slap on this clean low-mile 70cc KStar cylinder and piston kit...

Buy it outright and save $ off retail shipped, or maybe trade me your spare, clean kitted jug and cylinder w rings and/or a bigger badder Sachs carb and intake for the Sachs 505-1D?

offers? trades?

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

bump for offers?

cash discount for in person picked up?

paypal parts shipped within one business day?

Stocko Shocko Hobbit PA50I and PA50II and Express NC50 to 70cc kit

Hobbit PA50I and PA50II 50cc hop-ups/replacements

trades/partial-trades for sachs 505-1D 6Xcc 7Xcc kits and/or carbs/intakes?

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

i'm interested, can you email me please... i'll offer you $60 for it... does it have gaskets/etc.?

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT


Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

kstar 70cc is sale pending ryan

still have:

PA50I cylinder

PA50II cylinder (pending tony)

PA50I single reed and block

PA50I and II carb guts like floats and air screws and butterflies and emulsion tubes and jets etc.

still need:

chrome right rear turn signal body and lens for a general 5star

Sachs 505-1D 60-something or 70-something cylinder and pistin topend kit.

Sachs upsized flippable intake and performance carb

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

I think I have the bigger sachs intake.

Let me check.

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

Kstar 70cc cylinder KIT SOLD

PA50II 50cc cylinder SOLD

still have:

PA50I 50cc cylinder

PA50I intake manifold

PA50I single reed block with reed

PA50xx Hobbit rear deck luggage rack for single seat

Bunch of Keihin PA50xx Hobbit carb guts like; bowls, floats, jets, needles, emulsion tubes, air screws, etc.

PA50xx Hobbit or NC50 Express yellow headlight bucket face plate ring (cracked but mounts up very solidly).

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT


Probably want a bowl, float, needle.

Any good bowl o-rings?


Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT


STILL FS $60 70cc kstar Hobbit KIT

so the kstar stocko shocko 70cc kit is back ON.... buy it for $60 shipped!

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

so, the PA50II cylinder is sold

the PA50I cylinder and pipe are sold

the 70cc complete kit is still available $60 shipped.

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT

everything sold..... well everything i dug out so far...... sooooo... new stuff will get a new thread later

Re: FS 70cc kstar Hobbit / Express KIT


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