fs: pinto parts

i have a tank that has some rust inside

front forks good condition

complete headlight

carriage rack on back of moped

the frame is junk it is missing some parts it had been cut on

i have the shocks in working condition

complete working speedometer

front fender

and tailight

let me know if interested and give me a offer on any item.

Re: fs: pinto parts

So I guess you didn't figure out shipping on that stuff?

Re: fs: pinto parts

on which stuff i had a lot of emails and lost some but the frame is junk its at the junkyard

Re: fs: pinto parts

i emailed you brian

Re: fs: pinto parts

do you have any crank arms for a puch

Re: fs: pinto parts

i just got rid of them today i only have the parts listed above and a seat for a pinto in decent shape sorry

Re: fs: pinto parts

tank sold

Re: fs: pinto parts

could i make it worth you're while to ship it?

Re: fs: pinto parts

the frame

Re: fs: pinto parts

He sent me a pic of the frame. The engine mounts are pretty much non-existent. Someone went to town with a grinder and took off wayyyy too much. It's probably safe to say that the frame is junk unless someone welds completely new mounts onto it.

Re: fs: pinto parts

like he said the frame is in not that great of shape and i probably have the forks sold.

things that are still avaliable




front fender

carriage rack


handle bars but rusty

plust some tomos mags that came on it

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