wanted jawa thyristor II

since i lost all my spares in florida when i got hit and they impounded my moped

i have one but id like more just in case also id like a junk one i can take apart and see whats in it just maybe i can make them easy

Re: wanted jawa thyristor II

fallout Survivor /

Its not worth the effort , they are basically a coil and the 3 components (thryristor, resistor and capacitor), as seen in the wiki... that you can make yourself if you have the odd ball

4 V coil Jawa used.

You can make yourself the "thyristor part" for about 6 bucks ordering the components. The 4 volt coil.... ?

Re: wanted jawa thyristor II

It's not really a voltage issue with the coil, it's a matter of having the correct primary side resistance. You need to go to a junk yard with a DVOM and check a variety of coils until you find one with a primary resistance of less than 1 ohm. The issue is that the capacitor needs to use the primary side of the coil for a ground while charging, normal HT coils are around 4 ohms which is completely unsuitable as a ground.

Re: wanted jawa thyristor II

the thyristor II is not an oddball it was made from 1989 to the end of the 210

and how do you figure its not worth the effort maybe not to you but to me it is

oh yeah i should just get rid of my jawa and get a puch or tomos so i can be just like everybody else

Re: wanted jawa thyristor II

Vlado vlado /

Jay, email me, I got new one!

Re: wanted jawa thyristor II

really yay

do you happen to have a broken one too

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