FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

1980 Honda Express NC50, yellow, running, complete, under 400 miles. engine/tranny (all mechanicals), frame, wiring and body are great.

Spring winding kick starter works perfectly as does the complete engine and drive train, nice condition chrome spoke rims 14" front and back, has absolutely all the plastics in great shape including peg covers, carb cover/airbox assembly, complete headlight and speedo bucket and hinges and headlight rim in great shape, all wiring and turn signal assemblies and all cables and grips and mirrors and throttle/brake controls and switches are complete and in good working order, good cylinder, head and piston/rings, good spark and coil and boot, frame and decals and chrome pieces are clean and solid and in nice shape overall, good fuel tank/oil tank/petcock and oil injector setup still works fine for no premixing.

The NC50 Express is kit-capable and can be scary fast little noped screamers with the right topend and respiration/pipe setup.

Bill of Sale, but was once titled in NY state (i have the po's NY reg card)

Personally, Im on the hunt for a cherry titled rigid swinger1 or similar murray/free spirit e50 based lightweight rigid (who isnt?) and I dont have room to keep this Express.... because it is such a clean runner, i would definitely prefer to see it find a new home intact... id love to have someone buy it whole/complete for $175 and pickup in Pittsburgh area or plus time/materials/shipping.

Would also consider a trade against your running/titled ped if you have a particular affinity for the Honda Express and have something else running/titled/reliable but maybe you arent in love with personally.

BUT, yes, I would part it if I had to, just email me compelling offers on your favorite parts and if it gets more interest as an organ donor than as a straight up adoption, first responders will have dibs.

pix linked and will be uploaded this evening

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

for example....trade me your plain jane, but titled and running loaner bike (you know the one I mean- basically your old slomo M56 on a Bat or a Trac or some other bike like a 505-1A or whatever you have sitting in the back of the garage that you already know you arent ever gonna ride anyway) ... instead, swap me that lonely dimwitted stepchild of a ped for this clean Honda NC50 Express noped even-up and then you could just slap on a bigger spare carb with Ricks huge intake, add a cheap hobbit kstar 70cc kit and pipe ... Build yourself a cheap Honda blaster for just the price of a couple mods!

or then again,if you have nothing to trade away, then just buy the Express for a buck seventy five and do the same thing.

or... sigh ..... lemme know what parts you need and make me an offer I cant refuse that makes it worth (sadly) tearing it apart.

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

Andrew Foxenberg /

Any interest in my Tomos I just posted?


I don't have paperwork for it but I can do a bill of sale and sign what your state requires to get paperwork. I don't know when the next time I will be inthe 'burgh will be but I could meet near that way tomorrow, Bedford area or something ( I will be driving up I81 tomorrow)?

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

Andy, I put in 825 miles on the road buying/selling bikes over the weekend. In fact, i was in your neighborhood not even 30 hours ago (was just outside Rochester!), but I've got a serious case of car-yuck now. I would talk about a trade even-up if you were game... but youd have to add like 8 hours worth of gas, tolls and time to your trip to get to Pittsburgh on your way to Syracuse.

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

Andrew Foxenberg /

Yeah I don't mind adding an hour or two and trading even but 8 is a bit much.

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

5 hours of gas and a burrito! Settled! =D

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner


Man, I was only a half hour from your place this past FRIDAY night dropping off a Hero Panther in Knox county!....

Got something interesting to swap? Im just off I70/I79

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

I have a panther, It's my only ped, I wish I did have something to trade ya, But I hope ya sell it or trade it for something cool! =D

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

Monti, Monti, Monti...

If you'd have told me you wanted $175.00 for it when you were here dropping off the Hobbit on Saturday evening I would have taken it in a heartbeat..lol.

Someone needs to buy this, it's super clean for it's age.

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

thanks, wish i could have hung out longer but it was 5 hours home (i drove straight through after all

more pix: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/runner

... more pics on the top of the thread and closeups here:

additional details, decent rubber, needs fresh tubes, seat needs recovered, actually 590 miles on the speedo/odo, chrome racks and bars and stems and rims are all nice, spring kick starter even has the rubber boot on it still!

see thread for info... this 1980 Express NC50 is a famous Honda just begging for a blaster kit and carb and pipe, low miles, clean, complete.... its $175 pickup or im game for a trade of your underappreciate but decent shape titled running ped, even slo-mos like an M56 Bat, 505-1A Herc, A3-SL Bullet, etc. Youve got the idea.... In in the south hills Pittsburgh metro... come get it in cash, or add gas money and I may bring it to you within reason....for the right trade, i might drive even further to meet or deliver.

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner


$175, cash and carry?

Interesting trade?

Read on up, or down; details and lotsa pics.

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

Andrew Foxenberg /

Ahh your still tempting me! You don't happen to be coming back to NY anytime are you? I will be near Philly next week but that is still the wrong direction....

Re: FS 1980 express NC50 decent/complete/runner

Thanks to all for the emails/posts..... SOLD on my lunchbreak today.

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