FS PHBG Intake For Express

I have this intake here that will let you bolt up a big boy carb on your kitted NC50 . Bolt and go for your 21mm spigot type carb . Comes with intake , rubber coupler , Stainless clamps , stainless allen bolts and WOW a free head . Powdered in Red . Sold these before . Asking for 50 dollars shipped to your door .


Re: FS PHBG Intake For Express

Bump for Express blasting .

Re: FS PHBG Intake For Express

OK so it sounds expensive but I assure you its well worth it . Since I know tough times and you all are pretty poor , Im willing to lower the price for one lucky express owner if you act fast . I will take 40 for one day only .

think of the value .

15 bucks in hardware alone

5 for the Stainless clamps

say 5 to ship

Leaves almost nothing for my work , or for the intake , adaptor , rubber coupler and head .

Powder coated no less !

Re: FS PHBG Intake For Express

bump for a fantastic bolt-on mod..... buy this huge performance upgrade 21mm intake on the cheap from Rick....

ummm, and then maybe trade me your old slomo ped or just buy my nice '80 express outright on the cheap too----and turn it into a ripper right!? ha!

FS PHBG Intake For Express

I want this! E-mail me and let me know what to do~

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