what do you guys think of a Trac "Olympic".

it seems like a clean, good running moped.

Daelim engine, about 2300 miles on it.

Also, what do you think it's worth, in running condition?

Thanks !

Re: Trac

I have one, and a bunch of parts for it. When they run, they're amazing and they are reliable. When you need parts, good luck. They're not super common, but if it's got the Daelim engine, not the belt driven crap, it's a solid bike.

Re: Trac

I read your note, it depends on the condition of the bike. I run a 88 Trac Clipper which is in the $300 to $500 range. But the pain is getting parts when you need them. My Clipper has about 9200 miles and runs good. An Olympic is a good buy with good brakes. Just wanted to add my two cents.

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