FS-Derbi Variant Part out

picked up 2 derbis the other day and decided to part this one. Engine is NOT for sale I'm going to try and salvage it for another project

but everything in the photo is.

silver, sealed 16in 4star Derbi wheels complete with 33t sprocket- need to be cleaned up. $115+ shipping OBO

*i will be removing the tires before they are sold

Variant forks- seem to be alright? $10 + shipping

Derbi bars - missing right lever, decomp and left lever are goood. $4.20 +shipping

Derbi shocks 365mm??- suckers are long $5+ shipping

Derbi dash board w/ 60mph CEV speedo - 20+ shipping

Variant sport seat- pivots in the rear, latches in the front. a few rips in he seat but over all it aint to shabby. includes pin,spring and circlip. 15+shipping

Variant Sport swing arm- rusty but trusty? make me an offer??

Front fender, rear fender, engine fairing and frame- all in decent shape make me an offer or come and get them.

Email me with ay questions and if you would like more pictures, i don't have access to a real camera at the moment so cell phone pictures is all i can give you. I'm really not trying to get rich so if you're interested in something and not happy with the price let me know.

willing to trade for a complete set of domino controls w/ brake light switches. or vespa malossi gears.

Email is Teamdilly@gmail.com



Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

King Drunky JCams /

The shocks on my derbi are shot.

I think I want yours.

Lemme go measure....

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

if they are for the SLE in your profile, they probably will be too long.

the shocks on my SLE are shorter.

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

King Drunky JCams /

Damn, you're right.

Good luck with your sale.

I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting rid of derbi stuff :)

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

I'll take the rear fender, seat and wheels. paypal at same email address?

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

emailed about the 4stars

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

E-mailing regarding forks, swingarm, maybe more.

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

wheels, rear fender and seat are solddd

Re: FS-Derbi Variant Part out

þλ†Я¡¢k §¡§ΩИ /

dammit I posted a minute later

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