FS: Beat Up Gold Derbi 6-STARS $75

Front mag has a small bend in it. Didn't notice it when my bike was stock, but got kinda sketchy over 50 after kitting it. Rear wheel has a small crack that I didn't notice until after taking them off. Put a whole season of mid 50s riding on it with no problems. Comes with tires and tubes. $75 + shipping, or pick them up at the Dead Peds rally or WB3. Selling the Variant America frame/forks/swingarm soon too.



Re: FS: Beat Up Gold Derbi 6-STARS $75

Dibs emailing

Re: FS: Beat Up Gold Derbi 6-STARS $75

I got a derbi front gold rim in the EXACT same condition..... must be a design issue... anyways, if anyone is looking for one and this one sells, hit me up!

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