$599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

What do you guys think? Am I am paying too much for a Hobbit PA50ii ~800 miles 7/10 condition, with title, manual, books etc. Includes a tune up and at that price delivered.

The headlight holder bar has been replaced and foot pegs added.

Paint is original and look clean.

Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

i think thats a bit high based on midwest prices. I've gotten my 9/10 hobbits with titles for $400. but a clean hobbit to me may be worth more than some of the other folks.

i bought 2 hobbits in 5/10 shape for $100 from a guy who was moving the next day and needed them cleared out. he couldn't find the titles unfortunately, otherwise that would have been the steal of the year for me.

Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

Higher prices here in California for the Hobbit. Yet I saw one about 3 weekends ago for $450 and looks mint and I got one for $200 the othe day with 2k miles and around 7/10 condition and needing new tires. So another 100 bucks for tires and other stuff should do it. If you like it buy it.Like Andrew Zimmerman said. If it looks good, Eat it.

Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

fallout Survivor /

It is fair... not a lot of hobbits in certain midwest cities.... try to dicker.

On the other hand, parts are available, it is one of the strongest stock mopeds made and is easily modifyable plus it has a title ...

Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

Do you think the dude has a dollar that he is so eager to get rid of that he priced his moped like that?

It could be a bad luck dollar.

I say give him 600 just to be safe...

Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

if it's the one in the attached pic that was painted and they are asking $800 for it, $599 might be a good deal in the city of angels. i paid 3 bills for one in wisconsin last weekend though.


Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

Where you located? I'm in Cali I have been looking like mad in Cali for a hobbit and cant find any that price range!

Re: $599 too high for a '78 Hobbit Pa50ii?

I'm in LA but not that one.

Pic attached, what do you guys think? Does it look pretty good for $599. My first ped so I dont know much.

Heres the description:

1978 Honda Hobbit, 678 Original Miles! Original Blue California License Plate, Original Title, Original Owners Manual, Original Brochure!, Original Key, Original Tool Kit, Original Tires, Original Paint. This moped has been Garage kept, no rain damage. Been a Storage and the Carb will need some adjustment or service. This is a quick little moped, really fun to ride, but needs a tune up due to long storage. The headlight bracket for these was weak and this one has been replaced with a metal piece. So the headlight bucket is the main issue but most people do not notice it. Also passenger foot pegs, someone added them.

Any input on the headlight bucket? Is that common for the stock to be weak?

Another pic

Another pic

Re: Another pic

Looks really nice. I'd say in LA thats a pretty good price. I only bought a few peds while I lived there and I never saw one hobbit. I think its a decent deal for your area.

Besides look at any honda civic from that year...the hobbit was probably one of the few things that honda made from that vintage that isnt a rusty pile of crap.

Re: Another pic

WOW IF I LIVED THERE WOULD COP!!! i mean i live in Chicago and paid $450 for mine wit tile and it was like probly 7/10 ran but needed carb clean and tank de rust, but like everyone else said its up to u, i would always try to get it lower, it never hurts to try

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