WTB Vespa Grande front footresr (pic)

Ive got thes one for my Grand restoration I'm doing but it's got a crack and if I weld it up I'll have to rechrome it.

Need one with decent chrome.

Re: WTB Vespa Grande front footresr (pic)

What the hell is with my spelling this morning!

FS Vespa Grande parts

fallout Survivor /

I have one plus a few other Vespa Grande parts.

the engine cover

front wheel, tire, tube , brake assembly, controls, cables,

back foot rest assembly, steering bar

stand parts. and a misc parts.

I will supply pics later after I ship Kevin M. his front end parts and seized v1 minarelli engine he just purchased.

Nice day to fart around with the ped parts.

Re: FS Vespa Grande parts

He hooked me up on a good deal on those parts. Made a smooth transacction even when I wanted to add the motor in with the prior days purchase, caught him before he shipped. Worked out great and both of us got what we wanted.

Re: WTB Vespa Grande front footresr (pic)

fallout Survivor /

some bloom at weld points that can be buffed out and waxed over.


Re: WTB Vespa Grande front footresr (pic)

fallout Survivor /

upper sides of course a lot better and shiny, and less chrome degradation


Re: WTB Vespa Grande front footresr (pic)

John, thankks for your time and effort, but I found one localy.

Someone else snap these up.

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