sachs Carburator

Looking to pick up a sachs carb kinda cheap, needs to be mostly complete, let me know what you have and how much you want for it, the carb is for a 1980 sachs suburban

Re: sachs Carburator

campeona del mundo /

depending on which version motor you have, you can just flip the intake and put a 15 bing on it...if you have no luck finding a square bing

Re: sachs Carburator

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

oh nice i learned something from the B/S today haha- gonna try that=-=

Re: sachs Carburator

hey you wouldn't happen to have a left side cover, would you? I'm lookin all over for one.

Re: sachs Carburator

i have a sachs carb for you. 85/12/104A square bing. email me an offer.


Re: sachs Carburator

nerdzilla No mo Peds no mo /

i got yr left side cover... also have square bing jets fs. #58,60,62 email me for mas informacion.

Re: sachs Carburator


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