WTB: Bend my pipe?

boss pipe -> garelli NOI

Philadelphia/ Baltimore/ ship it to you maybe??



Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

nobody got a torch?

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

Did you try going to the local Muffler Shop and asking them ?

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

i thought I would try this first cuz I'm busy with school and I'm anxious to find someone btu judging by responses I'm hittin the streets

also I'm willing to trade this pipe for a performance pipe that will fit my garelli

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

if you can, post a pic of your problem. most pipe mounting issues can be solved without bending, which isn't really ideal anyway (unless afterward you heat the whole pipe up very hot to anneal out stress fractures and then quench it to solidify the repair)

usually a clever bracket or compound connections of sturdy brackets does the trick

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?


pipes can be easily bend to fit but you have to take your time.

don't try to bend it all in one shot.

i never had a prob. with stress fractures

unless the pedals are hitting, mike is right that some kind of bracket mod can usually be made

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

a small bend is probably ok.

i meant to say if you want to make the bend without any structural damage, the right thing to do would be to heat treat the steel so that the small, (initially) invisible cracks disappear (they're definitely there). like heating cracked ice to water then cooling it again.

i cracked a pipe a couple years back from stress and vibration fractures, so i'm sort of cautious about exhaust modification. but a small bend is probably ok, bracket may be better

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

well im tryna put a techno boss on a garelli rallysport noi so there's definite bending needed i just need to find someone with the right torch or someone to bend it for me (or someone to trade for a garelli pipe)

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

I live in newark de and could help you out but you'd have to bring the pipe and bike down here. Shoot me an email if your interested in doing that

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

Also, for a quick solution, you can cut the pipe at the header with a hacksaw or dremel, and then attach the boss chamber to the stock header. Attach it the same way the stock chamber attached.

Or if you want to bend, a MPP torch is only about $40 at Lowes.

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

spencer i may shoot you an e-mail and sputter down on my mopedventure back to baltimore.. or hey SPRING BREAK NEWARK!!!

would a mapp work i was told it wasn't enough? that'd be cool seeing how it'd might cost me 20+ to get it bent and i just hocked a tennis racket to someone for 50 bucks also might as well invest in another thing to burn things with...

what kind of torch/ fuel is optimal

don't wanna hack my shiny new pipe plus I think bending would work better at not disturbing the boss black magic

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

Re: WTB: Bend my pipe?

yeah but I think there's different fuels you get for different intensities any idea what kind to get

plus when i asked about this in another post a month ago someone just said "i don't think mapps are hot enough" and the post died

has anyone ever witnessed/ done this I wanna know its possible before I buy a torch and get the right temp as not to kill the pipe or not be hot enough to bend

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