2007 REAL Honda Super Cub 90cc for sale in U.S.A.

This is a 2007 90cc model in immaculate condition. The bike is practically brand new. This bike gets over 100 miles to the gallon!

It is a three speed, 4 stroke engine. It features the classic foot-actuated clutch/shifter mechanism (sometimes referred to as a 'semi-auto' transmission). This is the real thing and not to be confused with the imitation. As nice as it may be, the SYM symba isn't a Honda Super Cub! This bike has a clear title and is ready to drive anywhere. The speedometer is in Kilometers and goes to 90 KM or 55 mph.The writing on the fuel gauge is in Japanese. The Super Cub has been inspected and found to be in pristine condition. It comes with a basket and a fitted rain cover.



Re: 2007 REAL Honda Super Cub 90cc for sale in U.S


Whats the reserve? I am too poor to buy it, just curious.

Re: 2007 REAL Honda Super Cub 90cc for sale in U.S

Wonder why they stopped importing these to the states?

Sorry for the thread jack. My bad. :(

Re: 2007 REAL Honda Super Cub 90cc for sale in U.S

I would like to get what I have put into it. I actually just got it myself and have put very few miles on it ( 1407 total miles ).

I bought it a month ago. Army guy imported it from Japan. I think the thing is amazing but unfortunately I do not like the "semi automatic, gas and go" clutch system (never know til you try). I ride a 1970 cb350 and this thing needs to be appreciated by someone who respects and knows the super cub line. It won't get ridden enough as is. I got an amazing deal on this one of a kind bike. I rented a truck and drove 8 hours to pick this thing up..

When I got back had a friend inspect it and turned out it was immaculate. Doesn't need anything at all. The cub is like new.

I am trying to get back what I put into it, and that is it. I think I got a fair to amazing deal on it originally so if it just so happens that someone else gets the same deal, then so be it!

Re: 2007 REAL Honda Super Cub 90cc for sale in U.S

not sure..they are amazing bikes and highly respected worldwide..

I forgot to mention, ( in case you don't check out the ebay listing )

The 2007 Super Cub is located in Knoxville, TN.

small bike , small profits

fallout Survivor /


I think the marketing strategy in motorcycles in the USA is like in cars,

they dealers prefer to market bigger and more expensive, because the profit per unit is greater.

It is a shame Honda quite selling those in North America.

I have been looking for one of those for a while...

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