fs 74 vespa ciao

http://toledo.craigslist.org/mcy/1617565906.html shoot me an email if your interested, price is always negotiable for my ma buddies!

Re: fs 74 vespa ciao

Saw that on CL. Didn't you just get that a little bit ago? How fast is it running with the pipe/variator?

Re: fs 74 vespa ciao

i got it a year or so ago, its not hitting its power band at the moment because the belt is to tight on the new variator, but stock it did 22, then i changed the rear pulley got it going 27 so im guessing it will be doing mid 30's with the correct belt and maybe tunning the variator a bit, i have a set of weights for the variator as well

Re: fs 74 vespa ciao

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Re: fs 74 vespa ciao

hey its from 8th grade, so its stayin ha, bump!

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