somebody buy them

I found this on denver craigslist,looks like a good deal.

Re: somebody buy them

nominee for craigslist find of the year

Re: somebody buy them

Timmy Southpark /

good deal!

Re: somebody buy them


Re: somebody buy them

wwwwwoooooowwwwwwww- dealeo fo sho

Re: somebody buy them

Nominee for the worst redneck Craigslist seller ever. He explicitly PROMISED me the bikes, then some other random dude comes along with 25 more bucks and the idiot doesn't even call me, just sells them, and then tries to lie and blame it on his wife (who I'd already talked to, unknowingly to him). Ironically, I would have beat his that guy's price by a lot if necessary, so the idiot shot himself in the foot, profit wise too.

If I knew where he was, I'd TP his trailer house, and pee on his truck tires.

Fucking retarded trailer trash.

With a broken moped heart, I lament...


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