WTB. Old shitty puch seat

Like it says looking for a shitty puch seat. Im doing another custom covered seat for my new Swinger 2 so. not really looking to pay to much more then shipping so let me know if you have one


Re: WTB. Old shitty puch seat

bump up the power!

Re: WTB. Old shitty puch seat

dang, I just threw one out that had moss growing all over it...

Re: WTB. Old shitty puch seat

shitty seat , huh? I shit mine once going too fast on my puch. but then i had my girlfriend clean it. so it's not shitty anymore. I can supply some more shit though, and we can just put it on a new seat. that way you could have a new shitty seat. are you having trouble shitting? ha ha -I could go on and on.... oh.. sorry.

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