FS: Morini S6 engines

Here's the two Franco Morini S6 engines I meant to post a while back. One is 90% complete, the other would be good for parts or a rebuild. Both are the tame versions of this engine, but one can simply bolt on the reed inducted top ends (3rd transfer needed for SC version). Neither engine has a clutch, but those are simple enough to come by...

Single speed auto/ 49cc / HP in the teens with reed top end.

They're tiny too.

Magnum tank for size reference only : P

$180 shipped obo

Re: FS: Morini S6 engines

Pictures are helpful...


Re: FS: Morini S6 engines

these are franco morini s5t models , nice older generation engines....fyi....still can get parts for them thru franco morini usa...

Re: FS: Morini S6 engines

derbeez ryderz /

^ yup... true. s6s are all case inducted and i don't think they have that ignition.

Re: FS: Morini S6 engines

Shit...I just noticed that I put the wrong model down. I've got both and since an S6 Batavus swap is in the works my brain farted...

1000 pardons. They are indeed S5's from the mid nineties.

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