sachs hercules year???

couple of things i need here...

one. can anybody tell what year this guy is? i think its a 505 1D or just simply the M-4 model, but i cant figure out the year.

two. anyone know where i can find side panels? having a pretty hard time finding any on the net.




Re: sachs hercules year???

Patrick Colford /

My guess is a 1978..loks alot like one that I used to own years ago..



Re: sachs hercules year???

maybe 77 because of spoked wheels,, mags in 78. def m-4, not the d engined m-5

Re: sachs hercules year???

thats brian cartwrights old bike... that pedal crank goes through the engine just like all the 505's but is only the 1A if i remember correctly.... Elliot, there is a small badge on top of the flywheel side (right side) with the engine model on it.

Re: sachs hercules year???

Side panels are pretty much impossible to find, if you can find some post a link on here because i would like some too.

Re: sachs hercules year???

shit, thanks everyone. monti, thanks for the tip on that badge, is actually the 505 1B, surprisingly enough. thanks again.

Re: sachs hercules year???

looks like a 1978, it has an A cylinder, and a mildly restricted exhaust header pipe. carb probably says 85/12/101 on it.

Re: sachs hercules year???

this is definitely the bike that chris/brian were riding awhile back... 85/10/101 carb i dont remember much else about it except that they both said it runs/rides leisurely but very reliably.

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