WTB: junk tomos pipe

Just picked up a ratty silver bullet that needs some mods. Looking for the jankiest, shittiest pipe you can throw at me; the frame is bent so I'm not looking for anything special. Nothing stock, please. Thanks!

Re: WTB: junk tomos pipe

ok dude, Ive got a tomos pipe off my 1990 bulet tt, theres nothing wrong with it but its kinda dirty and theres some rust on the underside........so yeah you can have it cheap......my email is jack.savage@ymail.com. thanks

Re: WTB: junk tomos pipe

ck 🌧🌧🌧 /

If it's stock, do not want. Bump for junk.

Re: WTB: junk tomos pipe

we've got a busted tomos biturbo laying over here. you want?

Re: WTB: junk tomos pipe

got an estoril that just needs to be sealed at the weld to the flange. also the last 3 inches of the stinger is gone.

shoot me an email if you're interested.

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