FS: Magnum parts

I've got some spare stuff to sell. I've got upper side covers off a silver Magnum MKII, in good used condition-$35. Magnum shocks-$25, a silver Magnum trunk, it comes with a red door but it's cracked in half. Maybe it can be glued? Asking $20 for the trunk. Prices are before shipping.

Thanks, Avery.


Re: FS: Magnum parts

Here's a pic of the trunk.


Re: FS: Magnum parts

Pic of the cracked door.


Re: FS: Magnum parts

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

are they MK2 shocks? Pictures and condition?

Re: FS: Magnum parts

Yea the rear shocks came off a silver MKII. They are used and dirty but work fine.


Re: FS: Magnum parts

I need just the left side cover, is that possible and how much for it?

Re: FS: Magnum parts

No I want to sell them as a pair, Sorry.

Re: FS: Magnum parts

Offers? I'd like to sell some of this stuff.

Re: FS: Magnum parts

email sent...

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