FS: Tomos 5-star gold mag wheelz

I bought these off here about a month ago for $85 I was going to strip them and repaint them black. then a week later I found a set of ones that were already stock black. so now these are just sitting in a box in my living room. so I would like to make the money I spent on them back. or we'll see how much interest there is.

---what I know:

they are 16" Tomos Grimeca golden bullet mags. the rear one is all good but missing a lot of paint so these would be good for a re-paint. the front one is in great shape and still has the tire attached. they are loose bearings (no bearings). but comes with all the brakes, hubs, rear sprocket, bolt spacers etc separate.

just looking to get what I payed back $85 OBO shipped! Email me please. any questions at all feel free to ask. Thanks.

Re: FS: Tomos 5-star gold mag wheelz

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /


Re: FS: Tomos 5-star gold mag wheelz

SOLD!, to the man in the back with the burritos.

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