1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

450.00 Runs good and in good condition. Needs Speedometer.

Last known milage approximately 4100 miles.

I am selling so I can move out of state.


Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

Where U located?

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

if you click on his user name, you can not only see where he is from (warrenton, NC), but you can see what he has to say about his moped ("Just thought I would buy a Tomos and got screwed. Had it a week and already having problems. Boy did I screw up.").

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

Man I just want the CDI off that thing, 95 was the first year for CDI on tomos and they were the best(might be the 2nd gen CDI that was the best I can't remember).

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

Lol..I hope you sell it, but you could have put something else in your profile that doesn't slam you moped..

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

What do you mean? slam my moped?

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

That only shows my honesty Kevin. I am not very much when it comes to mechanical things. I was frustrated when I wrote that but I put a bit of time and money into it and got it up and running.

I am selling it as part of a moving sale. I think 400 is reasonable.

Anyway, thanks for putting that out there for me.

Appreciate it.

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

Well since you deleted what you typed in your profile and kevin up there was nice enough to re-type it so everyone could see what you put in there.

You stated you got screwed by buying the Tomos and it has problems. That is what I mean by _slamming your moped_.

What kind of problems does the LX have?

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

As I replied to Kevin. I am not mechanically inclined at all and any sort of trouble gives me a heart attack...

It really has no trouble now. At the time I came to find out that I was running with no transmission oil - didn't even know there was a a transmission- and when I went to take the drain bolt out I found that it was stripped so I thought all was lost. However, I corrected the problem with a rethreading agent I found at the local Napa shop.

The exhaust was very dirty and slowed the bike down considerably. I have replaced the exhaust with a bi-turbo and it helps the speed a great deal.

I ended up having to replace the throttle cable as well.

Now all that is needed is a speedometer and perhaps a cleaning of the carburator since it has been sitting in this cold for awhile. I start it from time to time to let it run awhile and have taken it a spin from time to time when it is not too cold out.

I will not say it is perfect, it is a 1995 model, and used. I paid 500 for it and put approximately 300 into it. I think 400 is a reasonable price to ask.

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

Yes, a fair price for your Tomos on Craigslist would be $400. You'll will get $250 maybe $300 on here. Post it on Craigslist for a better sale price.

The previous posts won't help and also the picture you attached looks like your LX has the black wheel of death like most Tomos's.

Looks like a clean LX. Hope you sell it.

Re: 1995 TomosTarga LX (A35)

Yeah, I hate that black wheel. It just looks bad. I always ewondered if there was some sort of guard that could be placed behind the sprocket to catch that oil.

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