Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest

Ok, Hobbit for sale because I need to upgrade my home recording studio.

Here are a couple o' pics that the previous owner (Rex, K&R Tech) took. Looks pretty much the same now, minus the basket and I put the rear fender back on. CLEAR TITLE. I also have some stiffer/longer rear shocks (not pretty but they work) and a Hobbit long seat that I will include with the bike. Lights work, speedo works, key for ignition and gas cap. It will do 35-40, standard Buddy Hobbit, is a BLAST to ride and will get there quickly. Here are some things the previous owner had done/installed:

1978 Honda PA50I.

PA50I cylinder has been significantly ported.

PA50II carb - jet is an 82 (pretty sure - could be an 80).

PA50II manifold with Boyesen reeds.

Variator is notched.

Variator weights are stock PA50I.

Clutch springs are the 1500 RPM ones for a Honda Dio.

Tires are IRC 53's, both are 2.25x17.

This is the bike that is pictured in a lot of the MA wiki Hobbit stuff. I've ridden it a lot this winter, so there is some surface rust on the Leo pipe which I think would come off pretty easily. Also, a piece of the running board plastic broke off by the petcock. Pretty common, as the plastic gets brittle with age. This Hobbit would love LovE LOVE a kit and is totally ready for it.

I'd like $350 for the bike. OR, I'd do a trade for a totally legal, 100% working, non-academic, no issues copy of Apple Logic Studio 9.

ALSO, I do have a brand new DR kit that I was going to install and a 90 main jet for the stock Keihin carb. I'd like $140 plus shipping, if need be, for that stuff (both kit and jet, save $13!).

I'm in central Iowa. I can drive 2-3 hours max to meet somewhere if you pay for my gas and a hamburger.

What else? Ask me something.


Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest

pic 2

OH! Leo Vince pipe and silencer.


Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest

i want DR. email me.

Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest


Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest

PIPE!... email me

Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest


Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest

I think I've emailed everyone back. I want to sell the pipe and bike together if at all possible.

Thanks for the interest.

Re: Hobbit, DR kit for sale; Midwest

Sale pending on bike and kit!

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