WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

helloooo everone. i am looking to trade my engine for your engine! i have a freshly rebuilt e-50. maybe 15 miles on it. a ripping and bullit proof setup for sure. and all i want is your derbi piston port or flatreed setup. i am either looking to trade engine for engine or setup for setup. depending on what is available. here's what i got...

bottom end - E-50 engine. rebuilt with all new bearings and seals (even on the main gear) and a brand new treats super stuffy crank less the 20 miles ago. Paz bolt kit. no stripped or messed up anything. gears are all awesome.

Top end - giladoni kit and head. bullet proof. fast as fuck and has never seized in over 2500 miles. i put new rings in 500 miles ago. totes perf.

clutch - stock with blue springs OR KTM 50 dirtbike clutch. or both. the stock setup is best for around the city. nice and quiet. the ktm setup is loud as fuck and makes this setup untouchable to most other bikes.

ignition - was NOS stock when i got it. now is perf used stock. never fucks up. never flutters. also totes perf.

carb - 21 race dell.

intake - handbuilt by myself at 77'. throws the carb out to the right.

pipe - simonini welded for an angled exhaust port. painted black for street cred.

at 16x36 gearing this setup takes any hill and tops out in the mid to high 60's. gets good gas milage and isn't obnoxiously loud.

all this and more for your derbi engine. i would also be in the market for the matching swingarm if you have one aswell, since this would be transplanted onto a not-derbi frame. thanks!

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

pics of engine can be seen on the 1977mopeds blog a few posts down. i have since then rebuilt the bottom end. cleaned the dirt off of it and painted the clutch cover black.

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

bump for bummed on not have a derbi motor on my pooch

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

I know you wanna derbi motor, but would you be willing to sell the ktm set up? I figured it was worth a shot.

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

i would possibly sell the ktm setup, but it would cost a bit.

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

emailed, fo shol...

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

so you're trying to trade that whole built engine setup for just a stock derbi engine? ive got a couple flat reed DS50 motors taken apart, might be missing some small parts though

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

well, maybe not bone stock. or just a nice complete running derbi engine would be acceptable for me to trade.

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

How about pyramid reed + PP kit?

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

i would rather not runu a pyramid reed engine. thanks though!

Re: WTT: gila E-50 for derbi PP/FR

how much for the top end? whole motor? i have nothing to trade.

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