Want to buy a vintage 50cc moped

I'm pretty new to the moped world but i know what designs i like and im quite fond of the http://i15.tinypic.com/6jdp2ti.jpg:url design and the http://www.customsbymac.com/images/forsale/moped_2004.JPG:url design

Re: Want to buy a vintage 50cc moped

Hepatitis J [OFMC] /

they dont make those anymore.

Re: Want to buy a vintage 50cc moped

The TRF is a Kinetic and those aren't known around here for their quality. The Flandria is sweet, but it would be a bitch to find parts for. If you don't care about getting either of those two particular brands and you were just looking at overall style, then your options are pretty wide open -- you linked to a step through and a top tank. If you're okay with either, the sky's the limit. If you only want one of those two exact mopeds that you linked, the TRF will be much easier to find (and find parts for). If you want more ideas for what you like in other brands, the photos section here is a good place to look. Generally speaking, the more photos there are of a brand, the easier it will be to find and repair. (Kromag, JCPenny, and Sears are all pretty much Puchs).

Re: Want to buy a vintage 50cc moped

For your first moped, I would recommend a Tomos or Puch (or Puch cousin... JCPenney Pinto, Sears Free Spirit, etc). You can get either a step through (like that TFR), or a top-tank (like that Flandria).

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