wtb or wtt cimatti sprockets

i have a polini kitted v1 dell 21mm cdi etc you know the drill. i put a 10 front sprocket on it up from a 9. im still lookin for a 11 or 12. i dont want a 13 or 14 cause they wont fit. i have a 42 rear sprocket and i want a few less teeff if you know what i mean. im thinkin 34 or 36 to get where i wanna be speed wise. so if you have a 34-38 toof sprocket for a city bike or will fit a city bike let me know please i have a bunch of city bike parts to trade or i have cash thanks adam

Re: wtb or wtt cimatti sprockets

Handybikes.com has all you need. I just installed a 11 front and 40 rear sprocket from them.

Re: wtb or wtt cimatti sprockets

they are sold out on the 11's from what i could tell

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