WTB pa50ii ramp plate

same ol story.... i sold my plate thinking i was gonna do the whole variator upgrade to some 6roller funkiness, but i trimmed back my overall build budget and have decided not to do the TJT and fast arrow multi roller kit... so instead i woplan to just go back to a pa50ii ramp plate on the stock 3roller boby. email me a price for just the rampl plate shipped to 15102 purdy please.

Re: WTB pa50ii ramp plate

and as tired as i am of saying so.... i do have some trades if anyone is looking for a Hobbit swingarm with center stand or Bullet black handle bars or Bullet pedals and cranks.

Re: WTB pa50ii ramp plate

According to your ebay listing you already have one...


Re: WTB pa50ii ramp plate

I bet peter just loves that :)

Re: WTB pa50ii ramp plate

Thats kind of what I was thinking...

Re: WTB pa50ii ramp plate

hahaha, well yeah, peter gave me a friendly shout. like i told him no worries, i didnt mind taking down the link if he didnt want the traffic and its no hurt feelings or anything.

he was asking about the buy-now being crazy high but i figured its 35 cents to list it right?....thats why i always list them with best offer as on option, cause it gives people who never new MA existed to find the parts and plenty of chances to just settle in on a best offer that makes sense to them....most of those parts went in a sale/trade for other parts but they didnt want the pipe so i think ill keep the pipe and run it on my pa50i cylinder unless i get myself a ramp and pa50ii cylinder for my red pa50i.

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